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Empowering families through therapy, support, and education in order to reach their fullest potential



L.E.T.S. Grow is dedicated to enriching and empowering the lives of children with autism by partnering with families and the community to deliver evidence-based and innovative treatment packages based on principles within the Applied Behavior Analysis Paradigm.

“ We make learning fun and engaging while using empirically evidence based practices.”


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a systematic and scientific approach for examining environmental factors that influence behaviors. Two main components of ABA include a reductive component that attempts to reduce and or eliminate maladaptive (socially unacceptable) behaviors and a teaching component that seeks to find functionally appropriate replacement behaviors.


In recent years ABA has been coined “best practice” for educating children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The term ABA has been used synonymously with other terms in the treatment of autism such as; Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Verbal Behavior, and Pivotal Response Training (PRT). These are all strategies based on ABA principles however they are not considered ABA themselves.

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Our treatment packages are designed for the unique needs of the children and families affected by autism. We address behavioral and cognitive skills, with emphasis on developing receptive and expressive communication, adaptive behaviors, functional independent living skills and positive social-emotional relationships.

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