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The L.E.T.S. Grow curriculum encompass the data driven science within the Applied Behavior Analysis paradigm.


Programs fall with the domains of:

  • Adaptive Skills, Vocational Skills 

  • Cognitive Skills 

  • Executive Function Skills  

  • Communication Skills 

  • Play Skills 

  • Social Skills 

  • Parent Training 


Program targets are based on the results of the Vineland, ABLLS and or Social Savvy. 

L.E.T.S. Grow employs a three phase teaching system that clients progress through based on acquisition of skills and cognition. 

Phase 1: Skill acquisition 

Initial teaching is taught through the use of methodologies such as Natural Environment Training (NET), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Errorless Learning, and Verbal Behavior(VB). 

Phase 2: Maintenance 

Skills are being maintained in the child learning repertoire as they continue to learn new skills. First Trial Data is used as a teaching/probe methodology with the continued use of Natural Environment Training (NET). 

Phase 3: Generalization 

The child is asked to demonstrate the knowledge of the skills across people, place, language, and stimuli. Natural Environment Training (NET) is the teaching methodology of choice. 

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