Functional Analysis Assessments (FAA) and Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) are conducted in order to ascertain the function of maladaptive behaviors and identify positive replacement behaviors. The replacement behaviors help foster socially acceptable ways to communicate and therefore decreasing the need for a child to display challenging behaviors. The assessments can be used to create behavior support plans and create behavior and educational programs.

Our Services

At L.E.T.S. Grow we address behavioral and cognitive skills, with emphasis on developing receptive and expressive communication, adaptive behaviors, functional independent living skills and positive social-emotional relationships.

School Services

The goal of this program is to develop children's ability to learn in a less restrictive environment. Children are taught increased independence through learning (i.e. observational learning) and working cooperatively with peers. Both of these skills are necessary for small group learning and are characteristic of instruction in typical classrooms or resource rooms in schools. In addition, core academic skills are taught so that the students can benefit from more natural instructional techniques. 


Workshops and trainings are offered by Executive and Clinical Directors at L.E.T.S. Grow. These services are available for parents, schools, agencies, educational groups, and or professionals. Topics range from Principles of ABA to Stages of Play.


Behavior Intervention

Our behavior intervention programs utilize the teaching and behavior reduction procedures in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our goal is to teach replacement behaviors that are socially acceptable. Teaching replacement behaviors and reducing maladaptive behaviors foster positive social-emotional relationships in both the home and community.